Medium Services

As a Psychic Reader and Spiritual Medium,my commitment is to provide you with insight and direction so that you may achieve a sense of Well Being, Happiness and Spiritual Growth.

Medium Reading $150.00 an hour

During this one hour session, the focus will be kept on Mediumship only, for the purpose of connecting with your loved ones in the afterlife... without using the Tarot.

Spiritual Guide / Life Path Insight $150.00

During this one hour session, the focus will be kept on Mediumship for the purpose of connecting with your Spirit Guide/s, with the use of Tarot. This type of reading is designed to provide you with insight regarding your mission on Earth during this lifetime... and the life lessons you have chosen to work on.

Spiritual Guide / Medium Reading $150.00

During this one hour session, the focus will be kept on Medium ship for the purpose of connecting with your Spirit Guide/s, with the use of Tarot. This is a combination session, with half of the session focused on Guides... and the other half connecting with your loved ones in the afterlife.

Medium: Family / Group Reading $300.00

These private sessions are for very small groups [of three to eight people] and are usually scheduled during afternoon hours only. Family and/or Group sessions are only scheduled as an 'in-person session' at my office.

A small group session usually takes about 90 minutes to complete. When four or more people are in attendance, the session will take about two hours. On occasion, sessions may run slightly longer. 

 Psychic Reading can include insight into any of the various life areas, such as:

Family, Relationships, Business, Career Path,Financial Questions, Health Issues and Spiritual Growth.

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Comprehensive Psychic Reading For Couples

$200.00 per hour

Using an extended Tarot spread, this one hour session for two people is exclusively designed to answer your questions as a couple... whether you'd like to focus on relationship matters... or you share a business together. During this session, you will both have the opportunity to ask questions.

Mediumship Development part 1 $150.00

In Part One: We'll cover the many tools and methods to detect spirit communication... How to understand and interpret symbolism, using two exercises... We'll delve into significant books and authors in the world of metaphysics... And what is behind mediumship science, through testing, studies and certification.

Mediumship Development part 2 $150.00

In Part Two: We'll look at several types of mediums and how their abilities differ. I'll also teach you how to handle difficult scenarios and difficult people and the best way to convey information from spirit... I'll share the 'target questions' to ask yourself in order to increase your information flow... And I'll share the 'key' to interpretation and delivery', enabling you to refine your skills in a professional way. After taking you through a five minute guided meditation to connect with spirit, I'll ask you to do a 3 to 5 minute mediumship reading, followed by feedback and critique.

Personal Workshops for Mediumship Development $300.00

During each session of this workshop, I will show you how to open your awareness to a higher vibration dimension, as we keep the main focus on those in the afterlife and communication through mediumship.

You'll learn about the relationship between physics and metaphysics... as well as the importance of understanding symbolism, achieving a good meditation practice and how to establish a telepathic link with 'The Other Side'. I will also provide you with some basic distinctions in terminology, as we discuss the many tools and methods used to detect spirit communication and the 'triggers' you can use to stimulate your perceptive centers.

As we bridge the gap between science and spirituality, you will come to understand mediumship from a very different perspective!

And I will also reveal THE KEY that unlocks the door to successful spirit communication,allowing you to deliver messages from spirit much more clearly and effectively!

Kindly Note: Students should be prepared to participate in a brief Mediumship Demonstration during Part Two

which will include critique and feedback.

What our customers are saying

I recently received a medium reading from Lindsay and I could not be happier. Lindsay was super calming and made me feel very comfortable. I was able to gain a ton of clarity from our session and she spent the extra time to answer any question I had ! Thank you Lindsay ! I think I’ll be into the new studio for some meditation time real soon .

Larissa Treadway